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Welcome to the Ghost Planet Firearms Academy webpage. On this site, you can register for upcoming NRA certified CPL/CCW classes and browse the site which will educate one on current events on the subject of carrying a concealed firearm in the state of Michigan and the United States.

Why a CPL? 

CPL/CCW License in Metro Detroit Area. CPL/CCW class $120. One day class! Register online or by phone. Michigan allows one to carry a legal firearm in open view while in public, of course restricting certain places such as a government bank or private bar, etc. BUT.. without a *CPL, concealing your firearm from public view is a felony charge. You may also without a CPL, own a firearm in your home.. So why a CPL? A CPL allows one the option to conceal their firearm from public view while in public. It also allows one to transport in a motor vehicle, a loaded firearm which is not allowed by "open carry" laws.. For example, if you are on foot walking with a loaded firearm with an external holster (a holster that can be seen in plain view), that is fine. As soon as you have a seat in your vehicle, that firearm is considered to be concealed which would constitute a felony with out a CPL. Many do not realize this and are commonly charged with the crime of carrying a concealed weapon inside of a motor vehicle. One must transport their legal firearm with no ammunition (In separate locations of the the vehicle) in order to transport it with out a CPL. With a CPL one may transport (in a vehicle) any legal firearm with the ammunition inside. While exercising "Open Carry" may be very liberating, "open carry" also tells the bad-guy that you are armed. Tactically this places one at a disadvantage. Many stores (for example) who require their guards to open carry use this strategy to deter crime. Instead many times, the guard is first robbed of his firearm before the rest of the robbery of the store he is guarding takes place simply because the robber is aware of the gun and its location on the body of the guard. This again is just an example (a very light one). A CPL allows one the option and benefit to conceal their firearm. It grants the ability to carry a firearm and not attract unnecessary attention. Today, many Police Officers become victims of Home Invasion simply because they are Police Officers, who more than likely have guns in their homes, guns that the bad-guy wants. A CPL allows one to protect themselves, their family and other loved ones privately.

Who Are We?

Ghost Planet Firearms Academy consist of Police Officers and citizens who have obtained over the years, a wealth of knowledge pertaining to firearms and are dedicated to educating and teaching others how to safely handle firearms in order to obtain a CPL. Our main objective is to promote the safety and well-being of others by sponsoring NRA certified programs such as "Basic Pistol" and "Personal Protection in the Home" which is awarded with a certificate of completion the same day the course is completed. *You may use this certificate at your local county office which is required upon turning in your application for your CPL.* Our goals are to promote the right to bare arms, the privilege to carry concealed, and to educate the community on the laws put in place to protect us from those who mean us harm.

Registration Information

To view and register for upcoming classes, click the "gun check mark" icon. Prices are based on how early you register for the class. This is to encourage early registeration. The course is eight(8-10) hours long (as all CPL/CCW classes are) so please keep this in mind when registering). We strive to create a well organized productive, experience for our clients. Our price is usually $120 for the class its self. Depending on what options you may utilize during range time, cost will vary. For example, if you own your own firearm and ammunition, you will not have to rent one from the range (during the range portion of the class). To rent a firearm from most ranges (depending on which one we use that day) will usually range from $10-$20. We offer the option to rent/share with other students, a firearm from us. We charge $5 to use/share our firearms (it's an up-keep fee). Ammunition cost: You may either purchase your own ammo from the range or during class hours or we can make other arrangements such as buying a couple of boxes of ammo as a class. (This helps save everyone money during the class.).

CPL/CCW License Requirements

Concealed handgun License mandatory requirements per http://www.michigan.gov web site that has additional data concerning CPL applications. A. Michigan mandatory requirements  for a Michigan concealed handgun License, CCW/CPL must:

1. Be a minimum of twenty one years old

2. Be a national of the us or associate migrant alien lawfully admitted into the us

3. Be a resident of the State of Michigan for a minimum of six months before application. associate individual could be a state resident if one amongst the subsequent applies: The individual possesses a sound, lawfully obtained Michigan driving license or state identification card The individual is lawfully registered to vote in Michigan The individual is on active duty standing with the united states military and stationed outside of Michigan, however Michigan being home of record The individual is on active duty standing with the us military and is for good stationed in Michigan, however the house of record is another state Note: The 6-month residency demand could also be waived by the hid handgun licensing board for brand new residents licensed by another state.

4. Have with success completed a handgun safety CPL/CCW course (register on top of for the course).

5. Not be subject to any of the following: associate order requiring involuntary hospitalization or various treatment a order finding legal incapacitation A finding of guiltless by reason of mental illness.

6. Not be subject to a conditional bond unharnessed prohibiting purchase or possession of a gun.

7. Not be subject to a PPO/ protection order.

8. Not be prohibited from having, using, moving, distributing, buying, carrying a pistol related to MCL 750.224f 9. haven't been guilty of a felony in Michigan or elsewhere.

10. haven't any law-breaking charge pending in Michigan or elsewhere.

11. haven't been discreditably discharged from the us military.

12. haven't been guilty of bound 90-Day misdemeanors within the eight years instantly preceding the date of application: Please See http://www.michigan.gov for additional data concerning charges and/or misdemeanors that might terminate your application for a CPL.


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